Alexia  Clark is one of the country’s top influencers in health and fitness with over 1.3 + million followers on Instagram.

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Anti-aging means more than just the serums and creams we put on our faces, it’s about the food we eat and staying fit and healthy.

Busy women with careers and families cannot always find time to go to a gym. Alexia has a solution that can work for all women at all ages.

Check out her new 9 Minute Workout.


Alexia is known for developing fun workouts every single day in combination with her creative exercises. As well as her ability to combine movements, which is her trademark that sets her apart from all other fitness influencers.  She would be fabulous in FitnessRX to share her fitness routines and tips  for all women

The gym is great for some people but many people can’t make it to the gym”,  her online workouts include amazing home workouts that get her client’s amazing physical transformations. Alexia has also built an incredible community called the Queen Team that constantly provides support and encouragement to others trying to accomplish their goals.

A 1-hour workout is 4% of your day that will change 100% of your life.

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4 thoughts on “Fitness Guru Alexia Clark Shares Her 9 Minute Workout for Women of All Ages- No Gym Required”

  1. I have seen Alexia online, but this 9-minute workout is incredible. Perfect for my work and kids schedule. Thanks Alexia!

  2. I love this video and want to start tomorrow with Alexia’s 9 Min Workout. A lifesaver, I hate going to the gym, I like working out in private.
    Now I feel I can get results at home.

  3. This is one of the best fitness videos that ‘real’ people can do. Amazing. I tried a few of the exercises today and I will do the full nine minutes each day this week. I dug out old resistance bands and now I can really use them. Vaca to Hawaii in December, I will be bathing suit ready 🙂

  4. I loved this article. omen of all sizes. I will start her 9-minute workout immediately and try to lose and tone.
    Thanks for sharing the video

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