The Beau Institute is a leading center for permanent cosmetics based in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. They are world renowned for its beautiful and transformative permanent makeup applications.

The Beau Institute offers state-of-the-art equipment – such as Nouveau Contour and Skin Master products – as well as a comfortable, inviting environment. Whether you visit them for a customized permanent makeup procedure or attend one of their expert-led training courses to master the art of permanent makeup, you will experience the personal attention, warmth and professionalism – that has defined the Beau Institute.

Beau Institute founder Rose Marie Beauchemin Verzella is an internationally acclaimed expert in the field of permanent cosmetics, Microblading, areola tattooing, and permanent camouflage with more than 25 years of experience as an industry-leading practitioner, trainer, and speaker.

As a practitioner, Rose Marie’s artistry is unparalleled. Her extensive training and experience include facial morphology, paramedical cosmetics, color theory and analysis. She is known among colleagues as ‘The Brow Doctor’ for her ability to create natural-looking, beautiful hair-simulated eyebrows personally designed for her clients’ unique faces.

As an instructor, Rose Marie displays her passion for excellence in her extraordinary teaching abilities that pave the way for her trainees to become excellent practitioners. Her patience and thoroughness allow her to educate trainees in the physical skills while instilling the confidence they need to launch their own successful permanent makeup careers. Rose Marie’s students hail from around the world including the United States and countries such as Australia, South Africa, Amsterdam, Egypt, United Kingdom, and Switzerland.

They include medical professionals from prestigious medical institutions from Sloan Kettering, University of Pennsylvania, City of Hope, Long Island Plastic Surgery, and many more. Training classes consist of surgeons, physician’s assistants, nurses, aestheticians, as well as makeup artists, tattoo artists, and newcomers to the field. Many of the certified trainers in the United States have trained under Rose Marie’s instruction.

Rose Marie’s dedication to helping cancer patients restore their physical and emotional health, as well as their self-confidence, is made clear as she donates her time to performing areola tattooing for breast cancer survivors during Beau Institute’s annual Day of Hope. Complimentary areola tattooing is also offered throughout the year during specialized training classes.


Founder- Rose Marie Beauchemin Verzella


Rose Marie holds many certifications and accreditations including:

  • President of the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM), Certified Trainer and Founding Board Member of the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM).
  • Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional (CPCP) by the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP).
  •  Certified Micropigmentation Instructor  (CMI) by the American Academy of Micropigmentation.

Rose Marie was referenced to as an expert in the medical text, Micropigmentation: State of the Art by Dr. Norman Goldstein, chief of Dermatology, the University of Hawaii and Dr. Charles Zwerling, Ophthalmic Surgeon, North Carolina. Rose Marie co-authored the medical text called Micropigmentation Millennium, also with Dr. Charles Zwerling, Dr. Norman Goldstein and Dr. Linda Dixon.

As an industry expert, Rose Marie played an integral role in developing New Jersey State Regulations for the safe practice and training of permanent makeup. On behalf of the NJ Board of Health and Safety, she visited several counties throughout the state to educate and inform county inspectors about permanent makeup standards.

She recently appeared on a Fox News Special Report by Joyce Evans, titled “Makeup that gives independence and self-esteem.” Rose Marie and the Beau Institute were named South Jersey’s Best of the Best issue from 2012-2015, and Rose Marie was a recipient of the ‘Super Woman’ Award in South Jersey Magazine.  She was also honored as one of  Jersey Man/Philly Man 2017  Men and Women of the Year.



Rose Marie did a Q and A with our editors to share more valuable information!


  • How can permanent makeup help women look younger?

One of the most exhilarating rewards in performing permanent makeup procedures is the ability to make a woman’s face appear younger.

Lifting the Brows 

Even with younger clients, genetics can play a significant role. If a family trait is that their brows tend to hang low toward their lashes, removing a few hairs from the underbelly of their brows and adding a few hairs to the top of their brows and/or their arch, will open their eyes much wider, creating an overall brightness to their eyes and entire face.  A millimeter is a mile when applying makeup to the face, so just a few millimeters of lift can make a huge difference.

In middle-aged women, this artistry can literally take years off of her face. For most women, eyebrows lower with age! These lifting techniques can be so dramatic, we consider this to be the non-surgical facelift. It can be shockingly beautiful and yet appear completely natural.

Addressing the Eyes

Every woman does not have a large eyelid. Again, genetics play a big role in the way our eyes are set. Adding a lash enhancement or a lash tattoo or even a small eyeliner can create the appearance of a much bigger eye and accentuate a small eyelid. It is quite a dramatic difference and certainly more youthful.

A woman in her forties can benefit greatly with eyeliner and eyebrows. Achieving a bit of a lift in her brows and adding an eyeliner with a slight lift on the outer corner of the eyes creates a much more youthful appearance.

My idea of applying permanent makeup is to replace features that were once there or to create features that naturally flatter a woman’s face.

Youthful Lips

Women love fuller lips! Every client, younger or older can benefit from a lip color procedure. This often becomes their favorite of all their permanent makeup procedures.

Not every client will opt for an injectable filler. This is not for every woman. However, every woman wants fuller lips and this can be created, easily, with permanent makeup.

For the younger women or those that still have that youthful white border above their top lip, (Vermillion ridge) you can place color as far as the crest of this ridge but no further or it will appear unnatural. Remembering that a millimeter is a mile, you can see the dramatic difference in adding these few millimeters to a lip, even when drawing this on with a lip pencil.

For the older women, this is more dramatic. The ridge is gone but generally, there is a trace of it and replacing this area is so dramatic and youthful. Clients will often call us just to say that their lips are their favorite procedure and they can’t stop looking in the mirror at themselves.

How is this exhilarating for a skilled practitioner? When the practitioner draws the client’s makeup on, they look into the mirror and they see how much younger they are about to look.

Latest trends in permanent makeup


Of course, microblading has swept the entire globe and seems to be more palatable for those that were concerned that permanent makeup would not appear as natural as they wanted. Microblading is more slight in its application and greatly reduced the fears of permanent eyebrows. The downside, it won’t last as long and many are ill-trained with these 2-day courses that allow people with no experience to hang a shingle immediately after. This is a dangerous practice. Be sure to inquire that your practitioner has had a primary training and already experienced prior to taking this advanced technique.

Microbladed eyebrows can be mimicked with the use of a machine by a highly skilled permanent makeup artist and will most likely, last longer.

Every woman is not a candidate for microblading. Thick, oily skin will not show the hair strokes nor will very light pigment colors. An experienced practitioner will evaluate each of their clients before proceeding.

Combo Brows

This is a combination of hair strokes created by microblading, another hand-tool method such as Softap, or a machine and then shading in between the hair strokes for a softer appearance. Since strong hair-strokes do not suit everyone’s face or taste, this combo method has great appeal.

Ombre Brows

Much like the Ombre hair color that is popular, Ombre Brows have become popular. They are lighter at the front and the top of the brow and then build intensity toward the bottom. It is a pretty effect and again, not for everyone.

Lash Tattooing

Which is a new buzz-word for lash enhancements that have been performed for years.  This procedure provides a natural frame that is tattooed between the lashes and not on the eyelid. Women love this since it reduces the need for mascara and creates the appearance of more lashes.  This procedure is also popular among men with light or slight eyelashes.

Gloss and Go for Lips

This procedure provides a blush of color for those women that do not wear a lip liner but want some color to their lips. They can simply, Gloss and Go for a soft, natural and flattering appearance.

Ombre Lips

This procedure is great for women that do wear a lip-line, although it doesn’t need to be contrasting but rather give shape to their lips. Starting with a lip line and blending that line into the interior of the lip also gives the client the ability to Gloss and Go. This is best for natural and earthier colors and is quite beautiful and extremely youthful. Women love this effect.

Before and After Examples




The editors and staff at Totally Allure thank Rose Marie for enlightening our readers on the possibilities of permanent makeup!

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